Past Productions & Reviews 2003


By Anthony Neilson
With Simon Kingsley Hall & Alexandra Schepisi
Directed by Lauren Taylor

Originally performed 19 November – 7 December at Black Box 2003, Victorian Arts Centre

Lighting Design: Ben Chessell
Sound Design: Jethro Woodward
Set Design: Ronan Moss
Costume Design: Ellen Turner
Musicians: Jerome Haoust & James Cathcart
Producer: Chris Bendall
Stage Manager: Berni Sweeney

"Theatre @ Risk has a reputation for presenting edgy, experimental produtions that deliberately confound form and content, and its latest effort is a perfect example of its artistic manifesto... Stitching will not appeal to the mass market (it has no desire to) but if you can see past the nasty elements its dissection of sex and relationship has contemporary resonance"
Thuy On, The Australian, 2003

"Stitching showcases the extraordinary acting talent of Alexandra Schepisi. Theatre@Risk looks set to remain one of the forerunners of Melbourne's independent theatre scene for some time to come."
Artshub , 2003


devised by the company
With Simon Kingsley, Adam Mcconvell, Steve Mouzakis, Elena Pellone & Alex Schepisi
Directed by Chris Bendall

Originally performed 25 June – 6 July 2003 at Black Box, Victorian Arts Centre

Text & Dramaturgy: Polash Larsen
Original Music & Sound Design: Kelly Ryall
Video Designer & Choreography: Louise Taube
Set Design: Penelope Thomson
Costume Design: Emily Barrie
Lighting Design: Rob Irwin
Stage Manager: Caitlin Nunn

“Through large doses of humour and satire, Babel Towers manages to be both a highly theatrical and very engaging new work dealing with a difficult and challenging theme about mandatory detention of asylum seekers.”
Steven Fennelly, Radio 774, 2003

“Theatre@Risk have been around for a little while now, and have established a reputation for outstanding performances and choice of works. The comedy in Babel Towers is very well handled, and works best at its most slapstick and physical moments with comic timing sharpened to a fine point.”
John Bailey, Beat, 2003

“Babel Towers is a powerful and important new Australian work of social commentary. Were this piece performed in the prohibitive world it depicts, its performers would be arrested for subversion. Performances are raw, intense and energetic.”
Craig Martin, Stageleft, 2003


Terrorism, by the Presnyakov Brothers, directed by Victor Bizzotto, fortyfivedownstairs 2003
7Days 10Years, by Louis Milutinovic, directed by Chris Bendall, fortyfivedownstairs 2003
The American Pilot, by David Greig, directed by Chris Bendall, fortyfivedownstairs 2003
Arabian Night, by Roland Schimmelpfennig, directed by Chris Bendall, fortyfivedownstairs 2003